This site honors the courageous personal contribution to freedom and justice made by Rabbi Allan Levine as a volunteer Freedom Rider, protest marcher and organizer, counselor and chaplain in the ongoing struggle for equal rights as it unfolded in the segregated American South of the mid-20th century.

For a concise overview of his story, please visit the Rabbi Allan Levine page.
To access his memoir (2000), “Changing America: Privileged Memories,” visit One Freedom Rider’s Story.

The Gallery page offers some photographs from the Freedom Rider era.

For further information you can also visit the Civil Rights Digital Archive on Allan Levine where the material includes oral histories, court transcripts, and Rabbi Levine’s Freedom Rider mug shot (following his arrest in Mississippi in 1961).

The Freedom Rider Rabbi website was conceived as a tribute to Allan by his wife and children, who hope you enjoy it.

Rabbi Allan Levine

The officer in charge ordered us to stop… “You move forward again and I will arrest you all.” We all moved forward and he said, “You are all under arrest.” –from Changing America: Privileged Memories, p.15, by Allan Levine